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WHAT IS chronik.LE?

chronik.LE is a documentation project aiming to provide a comprehensive compilation and analysis of neo-Nazi, racist or discriminatory activities in Leipzig and the surrounding area (Landkreis Leipzig and Landkreis Nordsachsen). Our work so far shows: neo-Nazi activities and everyday racism are prevalent in the region. The main cause for the project was the increase in right-wing violence and the growth of the local neo-Nazi scene in Leipzig. According to RAA Sachsen, a support organization for victims of right-wing violence, the city of Leipzig was one of the centers of such violence in Saxony with 36 registered attacks in 2011 (previous year: 44).

With chronik.LE we provide a comprehensive information and research source for the public. The idea behind the project: In order to act effectively against neo-Nazis, racism and discrimination, one has to be aware of the problem.


chronik.LE's objective is a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of neo-Nazi, racist or other discriminatory incidents. This includes: violent and propaganda actions by organized and non-organized neo-Nazis, racism in everyday life and the media, racist, antisemitic and sexist incidents as well as hostilities against homosexuals, homeless people and persons with disabilities.

With its online documentation chronik.LE tries to strengthen the victims' perspective and support civil society initiatives working against exclusion and discrimination. Also we want to increase public awareness of the problem and encourage critical debate. Therefore chronik.LE also addresses persons working in education, local politics and the media. In addition to the incident reports the gathered facts are also used for analyses and thematic dossiers that show opportunities for action against discrimination.

WHO IS chronik.LE?

chronik.LE ist a working group (oder einfach: group) within the association „Engagierte Wissenschaft“ (Scholarship with Commitment) based in Leipzig. The editorial staff supervising the project works on a voluntary basis and strives for reputable and reliable reporting. The documentation project pursues an approach of the widest possible participation. Besides persons affected by discrimination the documentation project relies mainly on the involvement of interested individuals, citizen initiatives, victim counseling centers, anti-discrimination offices and anti-fascist groups. Furthermore, witnesses can report incidents. The editorial staff takes care of a timely review and publication.

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